About Me

I am a qualified Counselling Psychologist with 23 years’ (& counting!) experience in private practice.

Tania Grobler

My accreditations allow me to do trauma-based work, or when more in-depth work is needed, through Hypnotherapy, EMDR and Sand Play.

A lot of the work I do is focused on provoking and developing self-awareness and healthy Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Play Therapy addresses the needs of the very young souls under 10 years of age.

All of this being said, I am – above all else – another Human Being.

A Way of Being

I believe that there is no coincidence in this world. If you are sent my way & I am sent your way, we were meant to share a part of our journeys together.
I always strive to become more of an expert in my field of expertise and you are the expert on your own life narrative.
We learn from each other.

My intention is to guide you in the way I know best, to becoming the best version of yourself by learning to develop a healthy self-awareness in order to make wise decisions for yourself.
My intention is to help you empower yourself by taking full responsibility for the energy you bring into this world.
So that you can become your true authentic Self; learn to live in integrity with yourself & with others, and so that your Light can shine fully!

Tania Grobler
Tania Grobler

On a more personal note……

I am married to a man who keeps my feet firmly on the ground and supports my need to strengthen my wings.
I have been blessed with two children:

A son who reminds me to always be gentle with another soul’s pruning.

And a daughter whose feisty energy reminds me our children are not our own and that we need to be accountable for our input into their Beings.

individual therapy

Holding the Space with Faith…..
The Space between no longer and not yet….

Our Places of Safety

therapy room

Therapy Room

The Therapy Room’s safety creates a soft landing.

Play Room

Play Room

The Play Room provides an opportunity for children under 10 years to do their work in structured and unstructured play.

Sand Therapy

Sand Play Therapy

In Sand Play Therapy, clients build a picture in the sand with as many or as few of the miniatures and figurines available on the shelves. It creates a means to profound depth!
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